A few words about Trident Align

Trident Align has been designed by PGA Professional Enda McLoughlin. After nearly 20 years in the golf industry Enda combined both his experience as a competitive golfer and as a PGA coach working with hundreds of golfers over many years, to design the world’s first fully adjustable ball marker.

Trident Align is part of P2 Putter Grips Ltd, an Irish based company which first brought an innovative putter grip to the market in 2016 with a patented design to provide golfers with greater control over their hands and wrists during their putting stroke.

However, controlling a golfer’s hands throughout the stroke is only part of the solution. If a golfer cannot aim correctly and aim at a point they have specifically chosen as their aim line, then the probability of holing a putt reduces dramatically.

That’s where Trident Align comes in. Its patented design has been developed to help fine tune your aim, to help you hole more putts, to shoot lower scores and to reduce your handicap.



Most frequent questions and answers

It’s 1.38″ wide, 1.50″ long and a depth of 0.22″.

There may be an occasion where your Trident Align ball marker is close to your playing partner’s line of putt. Out of courtesy, you can simply use the 25mm marker coin instead, this does not impede their line or catch their eye. Once your playing partner has played you can put your Trident Align marker back down and continue as normal. 

Yes,  with a footprint of 1.38″ x 1.5″ (W x L) the Trident Align  marker complies fully with the equipment requirements  of the R&A / USGA  in relation to ball markers.  

The alignment finder can aim 20 degrees left and 20 degrees right from its central position. The distance this equates to the left or right of the hole in feet or inches varies depending on the overall length of the putt.

The Trident Alignment Finder can cope with any amount of break. If a putt has a significant amount of break then generally you can see this as you approach the green to mark your golf ball. In this case, you position the Trident Alignment Finder on the ground aimed more towards the side that the putt will break from. Rather than starting with the alignment finder in its centered position with the long centre line aimed directly at the hole, you place it on the ground aiming further to the left or right of the hole and then adjust accordingly.

You can use any colour marker pen that you prefer to make the Trident stencil on your golf ball, however, the black marker pen produces the best contrast and visibility between the markings on the golf ball and Trident Alignment guide.

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